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"black friday" more like the day where merchandise is sold for what it’s actually worth

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original and bigger gif here by @88121218

original and bigger gif here by @88121218

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
OMFG LASJDFLASKJD is this a dream or what? Here's the story, the other day I went back and browse gazette_media because suddenly I remembered your gazette fanarts. And just now I found you by accident! I saw your big bang art and thought, man that looks like that orange girl's art lol so yeah that is my story. It's been so long and glad to have found you here. :)
black0range black0range Said:

Whoaaaaa I’m absolutely amazed at how you guys can manage to find me/my fanart through gaze and bigbang, thank you so much! :) and I do apologize for answering this so late, I’ll keep my fanarts coming, I promise. :D